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Pinellas Plant

State: Florida     Location: Clearwater
Time Period: 1957-1997    
Facility Type:    Department of Energy   

Facility Description: The AEC purchased the Pinellas Plant in 1957 from General Electric. The plant produced precisely-timed neutron generators used to initiate nuclear explosions. As older nuclear weapons were removed from the national stockpile, the accelerator-type neutron generators produced at Pinellas gradually replaced polonium-beryllium initiators manufactured at the Mound site. Pinellas also fabricated other weapons components including lightning-arrestor connectors, specialty capacitors, crystal resonators, magnetics, and optoelectronic devices.

In September 1994, Pinellas stopped producing weapons-related components and began to change its mission to environmental management. The Department of Energy (DOE) transferred much of the Pinellas production capability to the Kansas City Plant in Missouri and the Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico. The DOE completed cleanup of the site in December 1997.

Throughout the course of its operations, the potential for beryllium exposure existed at this site, due to beryllium use, residual contamination, and decontamination activities.

CONTRACTORS: Lockheed Martin Specialty Components, Inc.(1992-1997); General Electric Company (1957-1992)


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