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Also know as International Minerals and Chemical Corp.

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A basic, integrated phosphate fertilizer operation in Central Florida, shipping approximately 2.1 million tons of ammoniated phosphate fertilizer – DAP and MAP – each year at capacity.
Includes the most recently constructed phosphate rock mine (approximately 3.5 million tons per year at capacity) and associated beneficiation plant in the U.S. (Hardee County); one of nation’s largest integrated ammonium phosphate fertilizer complexes (Plant City); and fertilizer shipping and receiving facilities at the Port of Tampa.
Located in Central Florida, including approximately 21,000 acres of reserves at its Hardee County mine; the Plant City phosphate production complex; and shipping operations at the Port of Tampa including a 38,000-ton ammonia storage tank and a dry products warehouse (approximately 1.3 million tons shipped annually).
Employs approximately 650 CF Industries employees, including 175 at the Hardee County mining and beneficiation operations, 450 at the Plant City manufacturing facility, and 30 at the Port of Tampa distribution operations.
CF Industries’ Florida operations also host the CF Industries corporate engineering and Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) organization in Bartow, Florida.