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Pinellas Plant 1994
         Pinellas Plant 1994  -  click on photo for a larger view

About the Pinellas Plant

The Pinellas Plant has been part of the Department of Energy's (DOE) nuclear weapons complex since the plant opened in 1957. Before that the Plant operated in temporary facility at 2543 24th Street No., St. Petersburg, Florida which is now the Progress Energy equipment yard.  In March 1995, the DOE sold the Pinellas Plant to the Pinellas County Industry Council (PCIC). DOE leased back a large portion of the plant site to facilitate transition to alternate use and safe shutdown which has been completed. The most recent mission was to achieve a safe transition of the facility from defense production and prepare the site for alternative uses as a community resource for economic development. Today the site is known as the Young-Rainey Star Center. STAR CenterThe STAR Center is owned and operated by the government of Pinellas County, Florida and is located at the western gateway of Florida’s High Tech Corridor.  Currently, space is leased to over 30 companies that provide synergistic opportunities for each other in the areas of analytical and environmental testing, custom hybrid micro-electronics, circuit design and manufacturing, forensic sciences, and  more. (see early history by Ad Persons)